The department was carved out the Original Department of Linguistics in 1990. The Department established a Diploma Course in Yoruba Communication Arts in 1997 to train potentials as well as practicing Professionals for the Mass Media, the Theatre and related fields.  The department later established a Part-time B.A Degree in Yoruba and Communication Arts.

With the incorporation of the Communication Arts into the Yoruba programme, the name of the Department metamorphosed into African Languages, Litereatures & Communication Arts.  This new name completely revolutionized both the outlook and growth of the Department.  This new innovation, that is the new nomenclature of the Department is the first of its kind in all Nigerian Universities where Yoruba is taught.  We now absorb many of our Diploma graduates to the degree Programme.  Lagos State University now has more Yoruba students for the B.A programme than any other Nigerian Universities.

We also introduced Hausa course into our Programme in 2003/2004. We had to discontinue this owing to lack of qualified teachers.  We intend to re-in-troduce both Hausa and Igbo as soon as our efforts to secure qualified teachers materialize.

We added another feather to our cap when we started the M.A Degree programme in 1999/2000 session.  It is a fifteen month postgraduate programme leading to the award of M.A. Yoruba Literature & Culture.

Later on, the department introduced combined honours with other programmes like History & International Studies, CRS, Philosophy, Arabic, French, Religious Studies, Theatre Arts, Music and Islamic Studies.  At present, the university senate has approved the B.A linguistics programme in the department.  This is expected to boost the numerical strength and the structure of the programme.  Some of landmark achievements of the Department include:

  1. A and Ph.D Degree programmes in Yoruba Literature and Culture of postgraduate school in 1999/2000 session by the University senate.
  2. A part-time B.A Yoruba and Communication Arts weekend Programme. It also mounted a Diploma in Yoruba studies and Communication Arts until the Cancellation of the all Diploma Programmes in the University.
  3. Members of the Department have, over the years been winning different scholarships and fellowships in different parts of the world. High quality books and journal articles have been published by some members of the Department both locally and internationally.
  4. The department has produced First Class Students in the past three years.